Feedback is important

I had an awesome time at Phila Exchange Users Group meeting last evening.


  1. Don’t try V3 on production. It’s in beta for a reason. Cool demos.
  2. show-window tricks
  3. Logparser Studio is awesome. I had tried log parser lizard earlier, but it wasn’t fun. I had used Windows Grep for finding out date/time/IP log data from IIS Logs.

I also received some valuable feedback when I was demoing my script. Feedback is really important when you are developing something / anything:

  1. You really don’t know how your script runs till you try to do a demo and discover a non-standard function you have used. Made changes to use GWMI.
  2. You get ideas of what you can do with this. Function, Parameter Binding, Try/Catch blocks, Modules, Accept input from pipeline.

TODO For now:

  1. Make a Function
  2. Accept $myCell, $myString
  3. Splice string into a hashtable / array (?)
  4. Check if you can use this


  1. Module Stuff – Cmdlet binding, Accept input from pipeline.
  2. Error Handling – I am not GETting anything. Maybe a try/catch blog will help – “You used the default phone number”, You are using my token – CONFIRM to run


  1. Received some encouraging emails last night. I am going to explore this a little bit further.

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