An ode to Richard Thaler (or, How to Make a book stand for 300 pg books)

After much grief to my back, I decided to finally buy a Book-Stand.
Did some research on Amazon and selected this by Best Book Stand & Holder.

But its 2:30 AM in the night, and I need something now so that I can finish this chapter.

Imagination to the rescue.

Scanned the room and saw this Amazon box. Pulled out a scissor and made this.

This box book-holder fits small books easily. Tested it with Richard Thaler’s Winner’s Curse.

I think the test-case was appropriate for the occasion. After doing a 15 min research on Amazon, you find the perfect book stand for $30 (+$10 shipping) which weighs 4 lbs.

5 mins later, you grow so impatient that you decide to make your own.


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