How to get the Don Jones Powershell v3 book real cheap

If you have been toying around with the idea of buying the Ebook+MEAP+Printed Book combo for $49.99, let me bring some additional information to the table so that you can make up your mind.

From Manning Store here, price for the book is

MEAP + Ebook only – $39.99
MEAP + Print book (includes Ebook) when available – $49.99

I received an email alert from Manning today which goes like this.
37% off orders under $50–use code a2637
42% off orders over $50–use code a2642
50% off orders over $100–use code a2650
Offer applies to your entire purchase–eBook, pBook, or MEAP. Expires May 2. Only at

I got my $50 combo for $31.49. That’s cheaper than MEAP+Ebook.

Do you really want to sit this one out ?


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