Thanks Zero Water.

Usually when you read about product or service reviews on a blog, it’s usually about how XYZ sucks. Well, I had a pleasant experience with a company and wanted to blog about it.

Product Purchased: Zero Water 23 cup Dispenser. for $35 on Amazon.

We bought the Zero Water 23 cup water dispenser last year. We loved it from day one. It came with a tester which checks for solid deposits in water and gives you a score.  We tested this with bottled water, Poland Spring, Tap Water and found the following scores.

  • Bottled Water – 20 -50
  • Poland Spring – 50
  • Other bottled water – 90 – 200 (Some bottled water results are worse than tap water?!)
  • Tap Water 150-272
  • Zero Water 0-3

If the tester indicates a score that is greater than 6, it’s time to replace the filters. The basic unit ships with 1 filter, and you can buy filters in bulk and save some money. The water from zero water dispense is tasty. (Yes, I said it.)

However, in May, the tap on the dispenser broke when I was holding it to pour out some water. The spring came out and there was no way for me to put it back. I was going to buy another unit but I thought to myself that I should at least give them a call.

So I called the 800 number and spoke to a rep and described the issue. She was apologetic and said that they will send a replacement unit. I was astounded that they were so accommodating. I asked them if I was expected to pay for it since I wasn’t sure about the warranty, but they told me that I wouldn’t be charged for it. I gave them my street address and the new unit arrived in a week.

Two weeks ago, the tap broke again, and this time without any user intervention. So I called them again and explained the problem. The rep confessed that the fault lay with them. There was an engineering problem with the tap design.

I thought – Did they just accept responsibility for a faulty tap design? I have heard apologies, but this one goes a step further. They had my street address on file and I didn’t have to give it a second time. She said they would expedite the replacement unit if possible. So till then, they had sent me 2 free replacements for a product which broke for apparently no fault of mine.

What happened next should be a lesson in customer service.

I was driving back from work early this week and got a call from a funny 800-number. This person was calling back from Zero Water and letting me know that the specific product which I asked for is back-ordered.

How many times have you received a call back from a company, for something you bought on retail ? Probably ZERO. These guys were calling me back to let me know that the product was back ordered; I was really impressed.

Then the rep said,  “I am sorry for your troubles. Can I ship you a replacement unit for free ? We will expedite this, so that you have something at home to drink clean water, while you wait for your product to arrive.”

I was blown away by their customer service. I cannot recall any experience I have had with any other company that matches this.

As an enterprise customer, maybe I have – but in retail , these guys are the kings as far as customer service is concerned. BTW, the clean-awesome-tasting-water bit helps too. 🙂

The replacement pitcher arrived today. Attached price list $0.0. Not a refurb pitcher, but a brand new sealed box. The replacement unit was an 8-cup pitcher.

So Zero Water, you have won yourself a lifetime customer.

Every element in the company – operations + customer service + products came together to result in an awesome user experience.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Zero Water, nor am I affiliated to it in any way.


One thought on “Thanks Zero Water.

  1. I was just googling zero water, spring and dispenser and came across this. Ours broke too and I was wondering if I’d be able to fix it. Now I will call Zero Water, thanks!!!

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