What I am working on [WeekEnding 12/16/2012]

For Now:

  • P/Invoke calls for Win32.NativeMethods and read code in PowerSploit framework
  • Windows Internals Part-6 Chapter 2. Wed Meeting.
  • Create a random generator for small range values [0-100]. Modify Get-Random function using non-terminating, non-recurring digits of PI. Random number testing using – http://www.fourmilab.ch/random/
  • Test P/Invoke code using API Monitor tool

For Later:

  • Configure KeithDahlby’s (@dahlbykPoshGit
  • Hack Mike Chaily’s (@chailyPsGet.
  • Pester – Powershell BDD Testing framework –> really interesting.
  • Powershell code reading on Github, searchco.de, ohloh and inter-tubes. Search Google filetype:ps1 >Search Text<
  • Print select pages from multiple PDF files using iTextSharp. [It works for .TXT]
  • Check mWinApi as a possible replacement for P/Invoke calls – http://mwinapi.sourceforge.net/
  • zwQuerySystemInformation vs NtQuerySystemInformation [ANS:] You cannot call zwXXX functions from user-mode. They are reserved for Kernel Mode. Article here