EvilMonkey-Part 1: Trim Working Set of a running process.

I have never had so much fun with 5 lines of Powershell code.

Remember those pesky situations when you have processes running-off and chewing-up the working-set values. Powershell to the rescue. This small 5-line powershell script will trim your working-set data. I have used (-1,-1) values to trim to the max possible.

What happens when you trim working-set data ? From MSDN:

The working set of a process is the set of memory pages in the virtual address space of the process that are currently resident in physical memory. These pages are available for an application to use without triggering a page fault. The minimum and maximum working set sizes affect the virtual memory paging behavior of a process.
The working set of the specified process can be emptied by specifying the value (SIZE_T)–1 for both the minimum and maximum working set sizes. This removes as many pages as possible from the working set.
The operating system allocates working set sizes on a first-come, first-served basis. For example, if an application successfully sets 40 megabytes as its minimum working set size on a 64-megabyte system, and a second application requests a 40-megabyte working set size, the operating system denies the second application’s request.

I have primarily used this script to trim WorkingSet values of a browser. I have tested this using Firefox / iexplore  and chrome. The script works with no tab crashing. You can keep a Process Explorer / Task Manager / Process Hacker window open and observe the trimmed PID values.

Trimming WorkingSet doesn’t mean that the WorkingSet values wont go back to their previous numbers. I have seen some IE windows go back to similar numbers. However, this script is really useful for fixing a stuck-browser or a frozen screen situation.

Linus said, Talk is cheap. Show me the Code. So here it is. All 5 lines of goodness.

Warning Notice:
***********READ CAREFULLY***********
!!!! Do not use in production environment before thoroughly testing and understanding the script. !!!!
Do not use this to Trim Working Set for SQL Databases, there will be data-loss.
Do not use this to Trim Working Set database for a Microsoft Exchange database process (store.exe)
I haven’t tried this on IIS worker process (w3wp.exe).
More NEGATIVE effects of trimming working-set are listed here in detail.


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